[themestudio_title title=”The 3 Key Steps”]For every project at Urban Ignite[/themestudio_title]
[ts_our_service_style3 image_service=”3068″ ts_service_title=”Planning and Design” choose_style_images=”style1″ ts_service_price=”$19.96″ ts_service_unit=”mo” service_link_button=”#” service_text_button=”GET STARTED”]We begin with a preliminary meeting to learn about your company and your company’s web design and marketing needs. After assessing your business’s needs, we outline a personalized plan of action that is structured around the individual needs of your business.[/ts_our_service_style3]
[ts_our_service_style3 image_service=”3068″ ts_service_title=”Development” choose_style_images=”style1″ ts_service_price=”$19.96″ ts_service_unit=”mo” service_link_button=”#” service_text_button=”GET STARTED”]After we have worked with you hands-on to perfect your web design and marketing plan, we set to work to actualize it. Your website is created or upgraded to be more eye-catching, user-friendly, interactive, and intuitive.[/ts_our_service_style3]
[ts_our_service_style3 image_service=”3068″ ts_service_title=”Management and Marketing” choose_style_images=”style1″ ts_service_price=”$19.96″ ts_service_unit=”mo” service_link_button=”#” service_text_button=”GET STARTED”]Now that your website is optimized for presentation to customers, it’s time to attract customers to see it. We set up social media accounts for you or manage your existing social media accounts. We then implement a social media marketing campaign that includes advertising your products, services, and specials. We also offer blogging services for your website where we produce unique, original content that prompts potential clients to click into your website.[/ts_our_service_style3]
[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style6″ css_awesome=”fa-pencil-square-o” ts_color_icon=”#f98d2b” ts_service_title=”Web Design”]We design websites that are supported on all platforms and will help reinforce your business’ brand.[/ts_our_service_style2][ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style6″ css_awesome=”fa-facebook” ts_color_icon=”#f98d2b” ts_service_title=”Social Media Management + Marketing”]Let us manage all of your social media accounts for your business, as well create original campaigns that will help your audience grow.[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style6″ css_awesome=”fa-circle” ts_color_icon=”#f98d2b” ts_service_title=”Logo Design”]Looking for a new logo? Our team will work together with you to create the perfect logo for your company.[/ts_our_service_style2][ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style6″ css_awesome=”fa-video-camera” ts_color_icon=”#f98d2b” ts_service_title=”Media Production”]We create professional photos, videos and blogs to help engage and improve your audience.[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style6″ css_awesome=”fa-bar-chart” ts_color_icon=”#f98d2b” ts_service_title=”SEO Optimization + Management”]Through these services, we will improve the ranking of your business on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.[/ts_our_service_style2][ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style6″ css_awesome=”fa-gears” ts_color_icon=”#f98d2b” ts_service_title=”Web Reputation Management “]Not only will we encourage for your clients to post positive reviews about your business, but we will also prevent negative comments from being posted.[/ts_our_service_style2]

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