Having a compelling and competitive presence online goes behind possessing a smartly designed website. Social media marketing is an interactive and cost-effective method of extending your online brand to targeted clients interested in the products or services you have to offer. Urban Ignite establishes crucial components to optimizing your social media presence, and capitalizes on them to communicate the intricacies of your brand to your desired audience. Social media marketing is also one of the most cost-effective advertising options. Unlike TV commercials or services like Google Adwords, which cast a large and costly net in-hopes of drawing in a few clients, social media marketing is specifically targeted towards your desired audience, meaning you aren’t paying to reach a broad audience indifferent to your product or services.


Social Media As Effective Inbound Marketing

Advertising used to rely on outbound marketing, a strategy common in television and radio ads that focuses on promotions and sales to draw in customers. Outbound marketing is non-interactive, and does not require building a relationship with an audience to offer them a product. Instead, outbound marketers establish their brand and rely on consumers to come to them based on stagnant content.

Social media, however, is the most optimal tool in the realm of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing relies on building relationships with consumers to determine their needs and outfit them with products and services. It is about telling an effective story and interacting with prospective clients to engage them in your brand. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way of connecting with a target audience and building a rapport with them in the hopes that they will not just become clients, but repeat-clients. Urban Ignite believes their are to crucial pillars to effective social media marketing:

Content Creation

Social media is a content-dependant economy. However, contrary to popular belief and the spam pages you see on Facebook, quality reigns supreme over content when it comes to crafting successful inbound marketing routes online. Additionally, the content of the posts that you procure should always be interested in furthering a unified brand identity across all social media platforms. At Urban Ignite, all of the social media and web design content we craft is produced in-house, meaning we never outsource a project to a contractor that doesn’t understand the language and voice of your business. We are dedicated to ensuring that the content we create for your company connects with your target audience beyond a superficial level.

Reputation Management

Due to the interactivity of social media platforms between business and client, it is essential to constantly manage your online reputation. For Urban Ignite, this concept is two-fold. We pay meticulous detail to how we as your social media surrogates represent your company online. We ensure that our content consistently furthers your brand identity to uphold a unified online presence. Secondly, reputation management focuses on how your company generates and interacts with feedback across social media. By communicating consistently with your audience, we can help generate positive reviews from satisfied clients and outline strategies to handle negative feedback, whether that be helping meet the unsatisfied customers needs or getting the review removed from your social media page. Reputation management is essential to your online longevity, and remedying social media missteps before they happen is a constant focus of Urban Ignite.

Social Media Marketing Services We Provide 

Our suite of services prioritize interactivity, storytelling, and creating feedback loops that always lead customers back to your product. All of our services are done in-house, ensuring ever-important consistency for your brand identity across all social media platforms. These services include:

Optimized Post Scheduling

Leveraging analytical applications, we work with your business to create an optimized post schedule geared towards your demographic. By analyzing patterns and trends, we can share your content with as many people as possible. OPS ensures that your posts are released at optimal times for maximum exposure and on a consistent basis.

Analytic Reports

Analytics are an essential infrastructural piece that keeps targeted social media operating proficiently. We utilize services such as Google and Buffer to create customized reports for you that outline where your social media strategy is succeeding, and where you can improve.

Brand Development

Cultivating a successful brand on social media is dependent upon user engagement. The social media strategy we implement prioritizes connecting with your audience, and prospective audience. We develop your brand through interacting with individual users and other pages, fostering an online social media presence that does not come across as a static company page.

Our Subscription Model Means Consistent Social Media Presence

Our social media marketing suite functions as subscription based-service. This model is both a cost-effective means of ensuring consistent quality content across all your social media platforms; it allows is interact more intimately with your audience, building that ever crucial rapport that makes long-term clients. Social media is an ever-evolving landscape, and building successful inbound marketing routes means prioritizing community, interactivity, and quality content. Our subscription model allows us to unify these pillars of success across all social media platforms.


Receive a Free Social Media Audit Today

Building your brand in the competitive online marketplace today is dependent on effective execution social media marketing. Urban Ignite is dedicated to maximizing your presence online by prioritizing consistent reputation management and effective content creation across all social media platforms. By leveraging social media marketing, we can assist your company with reaching a target audience with more precision, and creating an environment of interactivity that engages users in your brand. Our variety of services from optimized post scheduling to analytic reports means you’re able to track the tangible results of your online presence. Urban Ignite understands the intense competition of building a brand online, and it is our goal to help build a standout presence for your company. Contact us today for a free social media audit so we can break down what’s working, and what could be worked on.