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Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union

BCEFCU was looking to improve their social media marketing strategy and reach more people on social media and drive engagement. They decided to focus on Facebook and Twitter, and after seeing success, they hired Urban Ignite to help them develop more effective content for their website.


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The Challenge

Credit Unions and Banks, as well as some additional industries, can find it difficult to build relationships with their audience on social media platforms, because they want to make the content they share interesting, informative, and not too focused on sales. They were falling behind to some of their competitors and needed to be heard within their space struggling to create original content that was tailored to their audience on social media.


The Solution

Through a customized subscription plan, we were able to work together with BCEFCU and develop a long-term strategy for their social media presence to help them build an organic following over time, as well as drive reach and increase engagement, trying to give them a voice within their community on social media. We create all of the content for their social media platforms and accounts are managed by us. We write engaging blogs, which are hosted on their website. Videos have been produced to help drive leads and inform their audience.


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