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Native Sons, Inc.

Native Sons, Inc. has been helping people with home remodeling for over two decades and were looking to update their website. Although Native Sons had a reputation amongst their circle, they also wanted to improve their ranking on search engines and use social media marketing.


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The Problem

Web Presence: Native Sons had an outdated website that needed to be optimized for conversions and SEO. Although the site worked properly, it was missing a more modern aesthetic and landing pages.

Social Media: Native Sons needed to build their audience and create content that could be used for targeted ads. They needed to create engaging content that would catch their potential client’s attention and convert that potential client into a lead.


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The Solution

Through a customized subscription plan, we were able to work together with Native Sons and develop a long-term strategy for their web development and social media marketing strategy.

Website: We created a brand new website that is constantly growing. This new website is optimized for lead conversion and is climbing the ranks every day on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The website boasts several testimonial videos, which were produced by Urban Ignite on-site. The videos, photos, and blogs have not only been excellent for lead conversion but assisting Native Sons in selling a project by becoming a powerful tool.

Social Media: Not only does Urban Ignite manage Native Sons’ Facebook page, but Native Sons also has laser-targeted ads that run on a daily basis. These ads are targeted to individuals within the area that are looking to remodel. By using Facebook Ads in an effective manner, Native Sons has been able to save thousands of dollars each year, simply by marketing smarter, not harder.


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