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Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union wanted to improve and expand their social media marketing. They felt their presence online was lacking. One of their goals was to reach a younger demographic online. After some internal success with content on Facebook and Instagram, BCEFCU hired Urban Ignite to help develop more effective and consistent content for their website.

The Challenge

Credit Unions and Banks, as with many industries, can find it difficult to build relationships with their audience on social media platforms without focusing too much on sales. This requires building content that is informative and engaging. They were falling behind to some of their competitors and in-need content that was custom tailored to their audience.

Additionally, their online reputation and presence were poorly managed, resulting in clients of another credit union leaving negative reviews on their Google Business profile, misidentifying BCEFCU as the company they’d done business with. To remedy this, Urban Ignite also offered Reputation Management services.

Reputation Management can sometimes be a full-time job. With three branches throughout Baltimore County, they needed a team dedicated to helping them receive positive reviews for their Facebook and Google Business pages.


The Solution

Through a customized subscription plan, we were able to work together with BCEFCU and develop a long-term strategy for their social media presence to help build an organic following over time, as well as drive reach and increase engagement. This helped to give them a voice within their community on social media. Urban Ignite creates all of the content for their social media platforms, and the accounts are managed by us. With engaging blogs hosted on their site and a variety of multimedia content, we’re able to help expand their online reach and carve out a clearer brand identity to differentiate them from other credit unions and financial institutions.

Blog Writing

Our goal with blog writing was to create informative articles for different demographics that addressed unique financial needs and would drive traffic to their website. Some examples include “How to Tackle Debt,” How to Save Money On College Tuition,” “The Difference Between a Credit Union and Bank,” and “Buying VS. Leasing a Vehicle,” among others. All blogs are utilized to reinforce brand identity and speak to different demographics.


Urban Ignite offered video content as an alternative method of delivering information in an engaging way that was absent from their brand before. These videos are usually only a few minutes long and can compliment blogs, social media posts, and event pages on their website. Each script was written by Urban Ignite’s team and filmed at Urban Ignite’s production studio in Baltimore.


With BCEFCU’s subscription, a photographer from Urban Ignite’s team provides photography coverage of special events that BCEFCU sponsors and hosts. These photos are then used for social media posts, email blasts, and original images on the website. They have full access to these images– which can be used for print advertisement as well if they desire. Additionally, we have staged several shoots at BCEFCU locations to get photos that can supply original posts for social media and website content. Our photography helps to increase the quality and professionalism of picture content, something BCEFCU couldn’t achieve in-house.

Social Media

Based on campaigns throughout the year, we prioritize themed content to develop those campaigns. We also build out a unique collection of original content including photos, videos, and contents to help reinforce the brand identity and create ties with their online community. Being active on social media has helped BCEFCU establish a digital brand identity.

Reputation Management

Our team worked on gathering 5-star ratings from real clients, which helped boost their rankings all across their internet presence. Because of this, BCEFCU saw an increase in website clicks as well as phone calls from their Google My Business page. Pages were also fully-optimized and managed by the Urban Ignite team to help make these results possible.


The Results

November 28, 2018


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