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In the markets of today, compelling web design is a crucial component in building your brand and connecting with your clients. First impressions are essential, especially in the case of web design. Smartphones have provided an ease of access to consumers that allows them to shop different companies faster, and if your website is not on par with your competitors, you’ll lose business before you even begin. Urban Ignite identifies three pillars that are equally important to our web design approach.



An outdated and aesthetically uninteresting website is a non-starter for most consumers. Aesthetics can be hampered by a number of design flaws, from unnecessary clutter and clashing color schemes to poor font choices. All of these issues can damage consumer impressions of your brand. We collaborate with you directly to craft a design that is aesthetically appealing and furthers your brand identity.


A beautiful website matters little if its structural systems are not implemented properly. Now more than ever, usability is an essential ingredient to the formula of spectacular web design, as users can access your website from a variety of devices. Aesthetics should be used to enforce functionality, not as a cover for poorly implemented systems. We let functionality guide our aesthetic choices for your website, ensuring user interactivity that keeps them engaged with your content or leads them swiftly and successfully to your product. Urban Ignite prioritizes optimization for all of our websites, meaning they are adapted to the unique layouts of every device.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website can be beautiful and functional, but the goal of any business is to reach clients and sites built without SEO in mind can struggle to accomplish this. Search engines rank or derank websites based off of the design and content choices they make, and understanding how to utilize these rules to your advantage means more traffic of potential clients that are searching for your services specifically instead of ending up there accidentally. At Urban Ignite, we design websites with a forward-thinking approach to how we can bring your target audience one step closer to discovering your services.

Web Development Services We Provide

Full Site or Individual Page Designs

We work with you to build your ideal website from the ground up. Alternatively, we can fix existing issues on a current website through redesigns of individual pages.

Content Creation

We produce high quality, original content for your website. From the primary text on each page to full-fledged about us videos, we work closely with you to build content that is compelling and conveys the identity of your brand consistently throughout your site.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are targeted pages dedicated for specific purpose, such as a promotion, a location based page, or any other individual marketing campaign. Having well designed landing pages can boost your SEO, and in turn your traffic, greatly.

Search Engine Optimization

Not only does SEO influence our design process, we can also apply consistent analytic information to lay out a roadmap of how your website can rank higher. SEO is an ever-evolving process, but we utilize advanced applications to deliver the best results to you. Our collaborative approach to all aspects of design means constant communication of your search ranking and strategies to draw more ideal clients to your website.

Contact Forms

Custom forms are interactive elements of your website that encourage consumers to take action. Whether you want contact forms, assistance forms, or surveys, we can create functional and aesthetic custom forms to increase consumer interactivity with your site and give them an easy way to solicit your services.


Whether for our custom designs or your existing site, we can ensure cross-platform optimization so that prospective clients utilizing mobile or tablets aren’t turned off by an nonfunctional website on their device.

Our Subscription Model Means the Best Content for You, Consistently

While we do provide freelance services, Urban Ignite’s subscription model allows us to become intimately acquainted with your brand identity, and manage the ever-evolving competitive space that is SEO. Web Designers that compartmentalize each individual service have fewer opportunities to understand the companies they’re representing online. Urban Ignite is dedicated to ensuring a unified voice that speaks in your company’s language across all of your content, from blogs to social media posts. The subscription model allows us to consistently manage your SEO, constantly tweaking and progressing your ranking to ensure an optimal amount of traffic.


Receive a Free Web Audit Today

Urban Ignite understands the dire importance to any business today of cultivating a web presence that stands up to your competitors. Our Web Design services incorporate aesthetics, functionality, and search engine optimization to build something that communicates your brand to prospective clients on their first visit to your website. The suite of services we provide hone in on specific features that will direct traffic to your site, from landing pages to cross-platform optimization. Perhaps you are not sure what you want to change about your website, or if you need to at all. Contact Urban Ignite to receive a free web audit where we will honestly assess the marketability of your website and outline what services, if any, you could benefit from.